Park Poll: Offer Seating, Water Access

A Patch poll on the most favored uses for the proposed Police Cove park in Barrington indicates that plenty of seating and access to the water would be the biggest draws for the location.

Benches, chairs, and tables in a seating area that overlooks Police Cove in Barrington would be the biggest draw to the park proposed for that location near the Andreozzi Bridge off of County Road.

The second biggest draw would be easy public access to the water, according to a Patch poll. It ran for about a week soon after the public workshop on the proposed design for the park was held by an ad hoc committee that has been working on the concept with a consultant for months.

Those two “uses/activities/attractions” combined for 47 percent of the votes cast by Patch users in the poll.

The poll asked users to choose 1 of 10 uses/activities/attractions that would make the park a desirable destination. The choices were easy public access to the water; food vendors; seating; boat trailer parking; a game area; bike/kayak rentals; gardens; open space for flea markets and art expos; a water play area for kids, and fitness stations on the walking trail.

The next biggest draws were a game area for bocce, ping-pong, mini-golf, followed closely by a childrens’ water play area, open space for flea and farmers markets, and food vendors.

The least favored uses were fitness stations, flower or vegetable gardens and a parking area for boat trailers.

The uses and activities in the poll were the ones most favored by participants in the public workshop.


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