Democratic Club Rejects Top Democrat

Barrington Town Council President June Speakman had her application for membership to the club rejected while it admitted two other women applicants, including Town Councilor Cynthia Coyne.

The Barrington Democratic Club doesn’t discriminate against women.

“I’m walking proof of that,” said Barrington Town Councilor Cynthia Coyne, who was admitted as the first female member of the Roffee Street club late last year along with another female applicant.

The club does apparently have an unknown beef with Barrington Town Council President June Speakman, though. Her application for membership was denied at the same meeting that Coyne’s was accepted.

“I’m told that five of the twenty-one members at the meeting voted for me,” she said. “But no one apparently spoke up for me at the meeting," including her sponsor.

Speakman said she has not been told why her application was denied, although she thinks it was linked to a belief that she was holding the club’s liquor license hostage until it accepted a woman member. 

“I did not raise the issue,” she said. “But I think the club was upset that the issue was raised. And I was blamed.”

Speakman also said that she can accept the rejection of her application as long as the club doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

“Their policy is their own,” she said, "unless it discriminates."

But to deny membership to a Democrat who was the top vote-getter in the last election, she said, “is an insult to the party.”

“They don’t seem to have much to do with the Democratic Party anymore,” Speakman said. “The Democratic Party always has been an inclusive party.”

A close ally of Speakman’s on the Town Council, Kate Weymouth, suggested at the February meeting that, perhaps, the club needs a name change.

See more on this story at eastbayri.com by clicking here. See the original Patch story on the club's membership policies by clicking here. 

Manifold Witness February 25, 2012 at 10:00 PM
"Democratic" .....just a word being used by a private club. That's all. Like the Hope Club uses the word "Hope". Even though the word is also on the state's flag. And some people have no hope of getting voted into that private club either. No need for Kate & June to waste taxpayer money trying to change the names of private clubs. Maybe Kate & June could just settle down and turn their attention to the bad roads, the sky-high taxes, and the bloated budget. We hope that Kate & June can just let this go now. We hope they don't now force the Barrington taxpayers to pay the Barrington Solicitor for anything else related to this new folly of theirs.
Bristol County Anonymous February 25, 2012 at 11:20 PM
A club that won’t have June for a member… Where do I sign up?
Mary J McFetters February 26, 2012 at 04:13 PM
The Council should ride down Spring Ave. It has at least over 40 patches and pot holes and almost twisted my ankle. Why don't they do something about Latham Park. with all its rubbish and beer bottles all over the place. It;s a shame.
Mrs. B February 26, 2012 at 09:59 PM
Democrats have always been an all boys club. Those 2 women they allowed in will no doubt be handed a broom and a dish towel. Ms. Speakman you're better than that.


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