Help With Medical Expenses Sought for Barrington Victim of Car Crash

Friends of April D'Amato seeking help on GoFundMe fundraising website.

April D'Amato (EstaRa). Credit: GoFundMe
April D'Amato (EstaRa). Credit: GoFundMe

On February 14, 2013, April D’Amato of Barrington, also known as EstaRa, was severely injured in a car accident. Because she was self-employed and had no medical insurance, she was given very limited treatment and in some instances was denied treatment all together. She has been living in horrible pain since the accident, according to GoFund Me.

D’Amato has exhausted all her funds and previous donations and does not have a definite date of returning back to work. She needs help covering her expenses, including rent, utilities, food, gas for doctor’s appointments, medicine, and medical expenses.

D’Amato prefers the non-traditional route of healing, but she also believes there are times when traditional healing methods apply and she has been trying to do both, according to GoFundMe. 

Her body is not used to taking medication, though, and the drugs are causing terrible side effects and other problems, according to GoFundMe. Therefore, her medical problems would be best handled by a naturopath physician -- a large expense for visits and required herbs, homeopathy and supplements.

D’Amato is an amazing woman, friend, teacher, and healer, according to GoFundMe. She has given herself so freely to her family, friends, and clients. Even though she has endured much pain in her life, she has also experienced much wonder. Her psychic and healing abilities are like no other and her love and light radiate off her like a shining star.

She is deeply grateful for the love, generosity, support and the many miracles shown to her. Any amount you can give will help. 

Do you know a project in Barrington that deserves funding? Let us know in the comments, in a Giving Back in Newtown post, or visit the GoFundMe website to start one.

Click here to find out how you can give back in Barrington: http://barrington.patch.com/blogs/giving-back-in-barrington.

Gary Morse December 12, 2013 at 05:46 AM
Ms. D’Amato, Have you considered making a request to the Spencer Trust for financial help? You can do this by simply writing an email to the Spencer Trustees via the town clerk outlining the circumstances and financial need. Simply address the email to the Spencer Trustees, but sent via the Barrington Town Clerk(mdesisto@barrington.ri.gov ). At some point, the town will have a form for this, but at the moment, this will work. I hope you are feeling better soon.


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