Weekend Snowfall Still Up in Air

What is definite is that we should see some mix of rain and snow, possibly some heavy, wet snow for a short while. Stay tuned.

The snow is melting away, but more could be on the way this weekend. How much seems very uncertain. 

The National Weather Service forecast right now calls for most snow to fall in northern Rhode Island and central and western Massachusetts. WHDH in Boston is calling for a possibility of 4-8 inches in parts of Rhode Island.

Exactly what that means for Barrington is uncertain because the storm is still a couple of days away. So, the exact type of precipitation and snowfall amounts remain very uncertain. 

There is the potential for heavy wet snow with the heaviest accumulation expected to fall north of the Massachusetts Turnpike. Snow totals escalate the farther north you go. Six to 10 inches or more is expected for much of Massachusetts.

At least a mix of snow and rain is expected to fall in Rhode Island. If it turns into heavy snow, there is always the potential for downed tree limbs and more power outages. Stay tuned as the storm moves closer to Rhode Island.

What's your guess? How much will the third consecutive weekend snowstorm leave behind this time?


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