Vietnam Vets Honored at Ceremony

Attendees at the United Veterans Council event on Monday morning at Town Hall were urged to 'think a little more' about sending troops into conflicts by the guest speaker.

Guest speaker Charles Brule of Barrington urged everyone to think a little more about deploying troops at the annual Veterans Day ceremony on Monday, Nov. 12.

The retired Army Reserve veteran said he did not want to politicize the United Veterans Council event that included the dedication of a plaque to Barrington's Vietnam veterans.

But he said every political leader, no matter what party or leaning, needs to recognize that many service men and women come home in stainless steal caskets as the U.S. gets involved in conflicts overseas. He also encouraged veterans to run for political office to provide the perspective of someone who might have served overseas.

The annual Veterans Day ceremony was held at the memorial at the Barrington Town Hall. The only empty stone at the memorial now holds a plaque honoring Vietnam vets.

Appoximately 60 people gathered at the memorial in 60-degree temperatures. It included the laying of a wreath to honor all veterans. See the video and photos above to get a slice of the ceremony.


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