Suddenly, Flu Shot Vaccine Scarce

Every pharmacy is reporting that the vaccine is in short supply right now as the flu season winds down; call before you stop by anywhere for a flu shot.

Thinking about getting a flu shot even as the season winds down? Forget about it at least for a few days – especially if you are under age 65. 

Pharmacies in Barrington are hard-pressed to put their hands on the vaccine right now. A recent glut of people responding to appeals to get the shot even as the flu season winds down is the reason.

“We got increased demand that we did not anticipate,” said a CVS pharmacy manager in Barrington.  “Normally, people get their shots early in the flu season.”

Michael DeAngelis, a spokesman in corporate communications at the CVS headquarters in Woonsocket, said in an email:

"Due to high demand caused by the outbreaks of influenza across the country, some of our locations are experiencing sporadic shortages of flu vaccine. CVS/pharmacy and MinuteClinic have been providing flu shots since early fall, and the current high demand is unprecedented for this time of year. We are making every effort to resupply our pharmacies and clinics with vaccine as needed." 

All of the local pharmacies have reordered the flu shot vaccine; most expect to get a fresh supply in a few days, probably on Thursday or Friday.

Every pharmacy manager suggests calling the drug stores before you stop by for a flu shot.

“We haven’t been able to keep up with the demand,” said a pharmacy manager.


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