Share Your Blizzard Memories

The Blizzard of '78 may be the most famous in RI, but you may have memories of another blizzard that are even more vivid. Share them here.

What do you remember from the biggest snowstorm you ever experienced?

The Blizzard of '78 is the snowstorm most Rhode Islanders reference when talking about memories.

But I was living in Pennsylvania then. My most vivid blizzard memory is shoveling through back-to-back snowstorms in the same week -- a 25-inch snowfall on one day and a 27-inch snowfall a few days later when things were just getting back to normal.

So, what is your memory? Was it how RI came to a complete stop in '78? Or do you have a different compelling memory?

Take a stroll down Memory Lane in the comments section below as you ponder just how much snow will be dumped by Nemo in the Blizzard of '13 — and use the "Upload Photos and Video" button to post pics and clips.


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