Scouts to Race in Pinewood Derby

Barrington Cub Scouts will be racing their creations today starting at 1 pm at the middle school.

Thirty-three Cub Scouts in Pack 2 in Barrington will compete this afternoon at 1 pm at the 60th-annual Pinewood Derby at the middle school.

The nationwide, annual competition actually began weeks ago with Scouts given kits that include blocks of pine, nails for axles and wheels. Different axles and wheels can be used, and working with an adult, they create own signature designs and transform the wood into model cars.

The cars cannot weigh more than 5 ounces. If a car exceeds the weight limit, it has to be shaved.

Most of the Scouts name their cars.

The cars are judged on originality of design and, of course, tested for speed.  Through successive time trials, three winning entries and an alternate will be selected to move on to the Rhode Island regional competition in March.

A webcam also will film the cars in "ultra slow motion" for everyone to see after the race. The entire competition probably won't take more than an hour. It is open to the public. 


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