Saturday Is Groundhog Day: How Much More Winter?

Here's your chance to pose your prognostications against Punxatawney Phil.

Saturday, Feb. 2, is Groundhog Day — a day when we festively consult a ground-dwelling rodent for an idea of how long winter will last.

This will be the 127th annual prediction by Punxatawney Phil, the legendary groundhog who lives in Pennsylvannia, pops from his hole, and — depending on whether he sees his shadow — indicates the potential for six more weeks of winter or an impending thaw and return of spring.

You can watch Phil's venture into the morning air, plus a helpful FAQ about the day and its history, on the official Groundhog Day website.

And in advance of Phil's famous facetime, we're asking our readers to make their own predictions.

What do you think?

Will Punxatawney Phil see his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter? Or will Phil bask in the sunlight and usher in spring?

Make your prediction in the comments section below — and check back tomorrow morning to see who made the right call.


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