Pay For College Without Going Broke

Barrington library hosts a talk on Sunday, Oct. 28, about planning for college now while your children are still young.


Do you have kids ages 4-14? Do you plan for them to go to college?

You might want to stop by the Barrington library on Sunday afternoon for a free talk on saving money for college. The talk is titled: “Plan, Save and Pay for College without Going Crazy or Broke!” It starts at 2 pm.

William Geasey, a financial services professional, will lead the talk. He has presented workshops and programs to local groups and families relating to kids, family and money for several years, according to the library.

Geasey also has practiced what he preaches. Last year, he sent his two daughters to private New England colleges for less than half the cost of sending one. This was achieved through various college-provided financial aid programs.

Many parents wait until it is almost too late to start thinking about college and positioning themselves for financial aid, according to Geasey. He will discuss the following:

  • Learn how to make a college game plan
    See how colleges look at your finances and learn how to position yourself in the best light possible
  • Understand why saving for retirement and saving for college are not either/or choices
  • “Financial Aid” from schools is out there. Find out how YOU can be a recipient.
    Kids to the rescue! How a key part to college affordability lies within your child
  • Gain insight on how to avoid the highly counterproductive effect of college debt.

College may seem like tomorrow’s problem, but it’s best to grasp the concepts to be discussed while your kids are young and you still have time, according to Geasey, who is a registered for New York Life Insurance Company in Newport.


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