Little Bit Of Paradise: Tiffany's Salon

The Thursday Patch Passport shows you a Little Bit of Paradise. This is a local place where you can feel like you are a million miles away from the daily stress of life, without having to go far from home. Come along and relax...

Who wouldn't relish the thought of lying on a tropical beach being fanned by palm fronds, all the while enjoying some cool ocean breezes as the tensions of everyday life are gently massaged out of your muscles?

Alas, that tropical vacation is likely to remain a pipe dream for so many of us in this tight economy. But if you're looking for a little bit of local paradise, Tiffany's Salon and Spa, located at 21 West St., can help you escape from the stresses of your daily life.

Owner Raymond Hennessey's sister and brother-in-law started the salon in 1965, and Hennessey bought the business from them in 1969.

In the last 42 years, Hennessey has developed a loyal following of locals and non-locals alike, some of whom travel for many miles to enjoy the hospitality and service that Tiffany's is renowned for.

The lower level of the salon is devoted to hair services – styling, coloring, and cutting. A peaceful and private upper level is home to spa services including massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing, and other skin care services like glycolic peels and microdermabrasion.

Tiffany's offers both hotstone, and Reiki massage, an energy flow technique that originated in Japan. Hotstone massage involves the use of stones that are heated in water and then placed or rolled over specific points on the body.

Another interesting service offered by the spa is ear candling, used to help remove ear wax buildup, which can be helpful to those with sinus problems, according to Hennessey's wife Jane, an esthetician at the salon.

On a recent humid morning, the salon was humming with the joy of many clients relaxing in air-conditioned comfort as they received a little pampering from one of the devoted staff.

Hennessey's daughter, Tiffany Cavalieri (no, the salon wasn't named after her), is a stylist at the salon. She was providing services to Betsy Bowman, of Barrington, who has been a client at the salon since the early 1970's.

“I watched Tiffany grow up, get married, have a baby,” said Bowman. “It's like family here.”

Cynthia Loomis of Barrington, has been a client of the salon since it opened. She was at the salon for a pedicure, along with her sister, Eleanor Wallace.

“I like the treatment. I like the people here. I love this place,” said Loomis.

“It's a wonderful place to come,” added Wallace.

So while that tropical vacation may continue to remain elusive for the forseeable future, it's easy enough to take a relaxing break and enjoy some pampering, with a little visit to Tiffany's Salon and Spa.


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