Formal 'Honor Roll' Rules Adopted

Formal, written criteria suggested by the United Veterans Council are adopted by the Barrington Town Council.

The Barrington Town Council signed off on formal, written criteria for adding names to the veterans' Honor Roll earlier this month.

Michael Tripp. president of the United Veterans Council in Barrington, appeared before the Town Council to explain the adoption of the new criteria. He cited Town Councilor Cynthia Coyne for her involvement in the adoption of the new criteria.

Tripp said the town’s standards are based on criteria used by the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. But, answering a question from Town Councilor Bill DeWitt, he said, the veterans’ council has tailored the the criteria “to be even more inclusive.”

In short, the Honor Roll is open to any veteran on active duty during a recognized conflict who was honorably discharged and who lived in Barrington at some point of their service.

Here are the new standards:

1. Any veteran honorably discharged after having served on active duty in the United States Military during the dates of a recognized conflict as listed in No. 2-C below.

2. Service time qualification:

A. The veteran entered the service while a resident of Barrington, Rhode Island


B. The veteran was a Barrington resident while in the service on active duty or at time of separation from active duty.

C. Dates of service:

April 6, 1917–Nov. 11, 1918

Dec. 7, 1941–Dec. 31, 1946

June 25, 1950–Jan. 31, 1955

Feb. 28, 1961–May 7, 1975

Aug. 24, 1982–July 31, 1984

Dec. 20, 1989–Jan. 31, 1990

Aug. 2, 1990–Cessation of hostilities as determined by the United States Government.

3. Proof of service will be determined by the Barrington United Veterans Council using the veteran’s form DD-214 or other appropriate documentation.


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