Barrington Man, 23, Suing Over LSAT

Carlin O'Donnell is accusing the Law School Admission Council of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.


A Barrington man who is a cancer survivor is suing the agency that administers the Law School Admission Test, according to the Providence Journal.

Carlin O’Donnell, 23, is accusing the Law School Admissions Council of violating the Americans With Disabilities Act by failing to accommodate his special needs in taking the test, according to the newspaper. He graduated from Fairfield University with honors after receiving special accommodations.

O'Donnell says the Law School Admissions Council violated the act by “denying his request for a large-print test book, more time to take the test, and rest periods in between sections.”

O'Donnell said he suffers from double vision and cognitive disabilities after two brain surgeries, radiation therapy and aggressive chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004, and he underwent two lung surgeries and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with lung cancer in 2006.

Onemorething October 24, 2012 at 04:42 PM
I'm confused... this issue was reported in the Projo days ago and somehow this as well as the online Projo version of the article is missing one very important fact. HE ALREADY TOOK THE EXAM without asking for any special accommodation and did better than average. Only after he received his scores, did he ask for special treatment. I applaud you for overcoming so much diversity but don't use this as a ploy. See the in print pro-Jo article for the rest of the story... "The council said in a letter that O'Donnell took the test in December without accommodations and received a slightly higher-than-average score. It noted a doctor has said he has adjusted to the double vision and can perform most functions easily."
Local Bargain Jerk October 24, 2012 at 05:03 PM
And further down the road, is he going to sue the courts and his clients for "denying his request for large-print" contracts, "more time" to prepare for his cases, and "rest periods in between" court testimony?


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