Study Says 'Cup of Joe' Kills Pain

The report from Norway says the caffeine in coffee appears to alleviate physical discomforts.

As if research hadn't already shown a number of benefits from your morning cup of coffee — help in weight loss, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's Disease and certain cancers, to name a few, now comes a new study from Norway indicating coffee can also alleviate pain.

The study by BMC Research focused on whether coffee could relieve the aches and pains of office workers who sit for long periods at their desks. It focused in particular on office tasks that "provoke pain in the neck and shoulders and forearms and wrists."

It found that study subjects who drank coffee before performing office-setting tasks had less pain in those areas than study subjects who didn't drink coffee.

"These results might have potentially interesting implications of a pain-modulating effect of caffeine in an everyday setting," the study says.

The authors of the report stress that the results are preliminary and additional study is needed.

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