National Grid: Beware of Scam

A scam indicating that the federal government will pay for utility bills in exchange for personal information has come to New England and National Grid is urging customers to remain vigilant.


National Grid is asking customers to be alert for a utility scam.

The scam states that utility bills will be paid by the federal government or President Obama after sending a social security number and bank routing information.

The scam has had an impact on utility customers in Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina and other parts of the country along with New England, and should not be confused with legitimate low-income utility assistance programs.

According to accounts from utility companies nationwide, the scammers may contact you through phone calls, online methods and even at your door.

If someone shows up at your door, ask to see the National Grid ID badges of anyone who acts suspiciously while claiming to represent the utility company.

National Grid customers in New England can call 1-800-322-3223 if they believe they are victims of the scam.

Thomas B. McGhee July 06, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Obama is a disaster. He did not say what the 'Hope and Change' was going to be about. You people should have known something was not right before you voted for him considering he would not prove he is an American citizen.(which he is not). Having no real loyalty to the United States of America, h e has begun dismantling the U.S. Constitution(that which defines our existance). ...he is destroying our economy, printing excess/useless money and forcing less than half of our populace pay for the rest. He will not protect us from foreign invaders and wants to have us further reliant on big government. I WANT AMERICA BACK NOW!!!!


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