'Luxury' Pizza Coming to Barrington

Mangia Neapolitan Pizzeria plans to open its first Rhode Island restaurant in the Village Center on County Road by the end of October.

A pizzeria that uses only a blend of whole wheat dough for its crust is coming to Barrington by around late October.

You've probably noticed the banner hanging from the Village Center storefront. Mangia Neapolitan Pizzeria is opening its first Rhode Island store there.

“We have 10 stores,” said Steve Fenerjian, CEO of the chain that opened in Brookline, Mass., in 2003. “This is our first store outside of Massachusetts.”

The store will be licensed to a Scituate, RI, civil engineer – John McGloin, who runs a landscape company.He already has a general manager with long ties in the restaurant business to run the pizzeria.

McGloin also has Barrington ties. His children attend Barrington Christian Academy (BCA) on Old County Road and has brother lives here with his family. His wife is a native of East Providence.

“I think it’s a great community,” McGloin said of Barrington. “And it’s a great location across the street from the Town Hall, and the demographics are perfect.”

The store could open as early as Oct. 27, when the BCA holds a Harvest Festival, said McGloin. Other than the occupancy permit, said Fenerjian, the store has all of its paperwork from Barrington.

"They've been very posittive," Fenerjian said.

The restaurant will seat 14 and offer plasma TVs with plenty of sports on the tube. It will serve Starbucks beverages and Del’s lemonade to go along with its pizzas and other Italian specialties.

“We’re the only pizza store that uses only whole wheat dough,” Fenerjian emphasized.

The pizzas are baked on granite stones at a high heat, he said, making them "a true Neapolitan pizza."

The CEO described the chain's pizzas as “a high-end luxury brand” that should be a nice fit in Barrington.

“We’re really excited about making our entry into Rhode Island here,” he said.

Maggie October 05, 2012 at 02:41 PM
So it has to be a HIGH END luxury brand to fit into Barrington? I know just from that sentence that I will not be able to afford to eat there.
DD October 05, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Hey Maggie - you noticed the same thing I noticed. I do think that sentence was a little biased. After all other people in other communities enjoy high end foods too. I think u are right though --- high end luxury meaning $$$$.. HA HAH. Let me check my coupons LOL.
Peter Wright October 12, 2012 at 12:17 PM
mmm mmm MMMM Come get a slice at the BCA Carnival SAT Oct 27th!


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