Houses SOLD: 3 Homes Change Hands

Three warranty deeds for homes that changed hands were recorded in the Barrington Town Hall last week, Aug. 5-11.

Three more warrantly deeds were recorded in the Barrington Town Hall last week, Aug. 5-11.

The properties are located in the Nayatt, Afred Drown and middle school neighborhoods.

The sale prices ranged from a high of $475,000 for a condo on Woodhaven Road to a low of $140,000 on Third Street within sight of Allin's Cove.

The deeds can give you some idea of what properties in these neighborhoods are selling for in this market.

Address Price Seller Buyer 6 Woodhaven Road
$475,000 William M. Kolb & Ivy L. Kolb
Ralph E. Milliken & Ivy Rollins Milliken
13 Seven Oaks Drive
$450,000 Stephen B. Valk & Charlene R. Valk
Bruce H. Thurston & Jean A. Thurston
54 Third St.
$140,000 Russell A. Coyle
Carol J. Bell & Peter Bell
Manifold Witness August 17, 2012 at 12:16 AM
33 1/3% "affordable". Naturally.
Gary Morse August 17, 2012 at 10:42 AM
Residents should watch the July 30, 2012 town council meeting debating the local tax subsidies for affordable housing (the stuff you and I have to pay). http://www.ci.barrington.ri.us/towncouncil.php The council has determined through the advice of the town solicitor that residents by law have to subsidize the affordable home property taxes right up to the point that they can be converted into fully marketable condo's (a huge developer windfall). The town solicitor admitted at one point that this was an educated legal guess, but that was good enough for the majority council to place on the residents this property tax burden forever. It is worth mentioning that the Ursillo law firm also represents the affordable housing developers. The town council should be suspicious about this opinion, but aren't. To change this legal guess, change the town council.


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