Houses SOLD: 1 of 6 Goes for $1.75M

A Rumstick Road property that sells for $1.75 million is among 6 warranty deeds recorded in the Barrington Town Hall last week.

Six more homes, including a $1.75 million property, have changed hands in Barrington, according to the warranty deeds recorded in the Town Hall between Sept. 9-15.

The price of the homes ranged from the high of $1.75 million on Rumstick Point to a low of $160,000 in Bay Spring. A property in Hampden Meadows was recorded as a gift.

Two of the other homes are in the Nayatt neighborhood; one sits on the Barrington River near Walker Farm.

The prices can give you some idea of the value of your property in today's real estate market in Barrington.

Address Price Seller  Buyer 84 Lake Ave. $160,000 Lisa Marie Winterbottom, Sheila Rose Duckworth, Susan Kay Winterbottom, Share Lee Winterbottom & Roselyn Marie Winterbottom
William J. Hagan, Elizabeth A. Hagan & Linda Ann Winterbottom
306 Rumstick Road $1,750,000 Edwin S. Barton III & Deborath D. Barton
Robert M. Kreft & Mary A. Kreft
68 Bowden Ave. $Gift Tracy G. Macliver
John J. Macliver
48 Highland Ave. $295,000 Simin Mohajer
Alexander Umyskov & Elena Parkhaeva
507 County Road $390,000 Robert C. Cicone & Diane & Cicone
Camila S. DiMarco
34 Water Way $339,000 Cecilia M. Prestamo
Valerie J. Kelley & Howard A. Kelley
Manifold Witness September 21, 2012 at 01:37 AM
1 of 6 affordable. 16.67%, Naturally,
Monica White September 24, 2012 at 09:08 AM
Yes housing numbers remain the pits but for a prospective home buyer that’s actually good news if they qualify for a mortgage and have some cash to put down in a sale. The folks at Trulia and RealtyTrac used the term “summer clearance” and I think they’re right. Home prices are incredibly low and foreclosures are even lower — even if prices slide down a bit further in some markets they are close to the bottom or bumping along the bottom, so yes now is definitely a good time to buy — IF you truly can afford to and don’t plan on moving in the near future. http://northenloans.ca/


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