'Egbert', Stanley's Boat Yard Family Get Preservation Awards

The Barrington Preservation Society holds its annual meeting on Sunday, Jan. 12.

'Egbert' fully restored. Credit: BPS
'Egbert' fully restored. Credit: BPS

The classic boat Egbert and the Terhune family of Stanley’s Boat Yard received preservation awards from the Barrington Preservation Society on Sunday, Jan. 12, at its annual meeting.

The awards are named after long-time Barrington preservationist Elizabeth "Bonnie" Warren. 

Egbert, the Terhune family and Stanley’s Boat Yard represent a remarkable commitment to boating, preservation and the town of Barrington,” said Jane Scola, awards chairman for the preservation society.  “The award was created to honor just this kind of commitment.” 

Stanley and Anna Ginalski purchased Egbert and the boat yard at the southern end of Tyler Point just before the September, 1938 hurricane when the boat yard was flooded and Egbert ended up high and dry on top of dock pilings.

In 1983, the Ginalski’s grandsons, Steve and Kevin Terhune, fully restored Egbert, and in 1996, the boat won the prize for best yacht restoration at the Mystic Seaport’s Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous. 

“The boat has won many such prizes, but is certainly not resting on its glory,” Scola said, quoting from the boat’s nomination application. “Egbert continues to be maintained and preserved to this day as a working, functional piece of history, a tribute to the commitment and craftsmanship of Stanley’s Boat Yard and the Terhune Family, a living piece of Barrington’s maritime history, an icon on the Barrington waterfront, a visible landmark from the Barrington River Bridge and Mathewson Road and a pleasure to see as it is brought into the various coastal ports into which it is taken.”

Egbert led a parade celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Barrington Yacht Club in 2008. Stanley’s Boat Yard celebrated it 75th anniversary in 2013, when Ted Terhune, a fourth-generation member of the family took over as office manager. 

Also at the annual meeting, Barrington Preservation Society Vice President Nathaniel Taylor and Treasurer Burton Van Edwards presented their research on the earliest colonial settlement in Barrington: the 17th century Baptist meeting house and its congregation on Nockum Hill and the nearby Allen-West house, recently named to the National Registry of Historic Places.

The Barrington Preservation Society also named its board and officers for 2014 – 2016. Julia Califano is president, Taylor is vice president, Edwards is treasurer and Maureen Soutter is secretary.


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