'Buddy' Cianci Diagnosed With Cancer

The former Providence mayor and prominent talk show host said he expects a full recovery.

Former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci. Patch file photo
Former Providence Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci. Patch file photo
Former Providence mayor and prominent local talk show host Vincent "Buddy" Cianci has announced he has been diagnosed with cancer, turnto10.com reports. "The Mayor" said his ailment is fully treatable. 

Cianci is being treated at Miriam Hospital in Providence, where he has undergone surgery and will face chemotherapy and radiation treatments. His doctors anticipate a full recovery, he said.

"In all of the challenges I have encountered in my personal life, and in my career, there is an overriding life lesson that I have learned as a result of my diagnosis. And that is to fully appreciate the competence and compassion of doctors, nurses, and supporting specialists and staff who dedicate their lives to treating and caring for those with cancer and other serious illnesses," Cianci told Channel 10.

Cianci served more than 20 years in two stints as mayor, both of which ended after his arrest. He was charged with assaulting a man in 1984, and was convicted in 2002 of corruption as part of the federal investigation known as Operation Plunderdome.


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